In our lite alternative box we offer you a warm hearty vegetarian soup, which would change daily and a blend of vegetarian and non-vegetation salad meal in your meal package.

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Extra Delivery Charges 600 / -
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Half Monthly


Extra Delivery Charges 300 / -
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Weekly (TRIAL)


Extra Delivery Charges 150 / -

Note :

  1. Monthly Package consist of 24 meals.
  2. Half Monthly Package consist of 12 meals.
  3. Weekly Package consist of 6 meals.
  4. If the order is placed before 4pm, your lunches would be delivered from the next day onwards. If not, your deliveries would begin from the day after that.
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Soup : Our soups are wholesome, homely and lavish. Every soup is planned in accordance with the menu and would change with the cuisine. Soups vary from clear to broths to purees to chowders to a cream soups. made using healthy ingredient mixes. Eg: minestrone, mulligatawny, clear broths, corn chowder, chilly bean soup.

Salads : Fresh crisp and refreshing lettuce as a base,a fresh vegetables or fruit medley with an ingenious dressing to complement all the flavours. Ingredients on the salad would be planned so as to the ingredients not repeating itself on the menu. Eg: apple, cucumber and spinach salad honey nut dressing. Citrus salad with basil dressing, Chinese coleslaw, Mexican corn salad.

Accompaniments : Would be designed cuisine wise to suitably compliment the main-course in particular and the rest in general. Eg: Chapattis and rice, grilled vegetables, guacamole, roesti.