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1. How are delivery charges applied to any package ?

Weekly = Rs. 150 per tiffin
Half monthly = Rs. 300 per tiffin
Monthly = Rs. 600 per tiffin
The total price of your meal plan (not inclusive of delivery/dabbawallah charges) is indicated below each icon in red. We calculate this on a weekly basis taking into account public holidays, etc. With us, you always pay for exactly how many tiffins you get and you can always calculate this at any time.

2. Do you serve on Saturdays ?

Yes, we do. Just make sure that when you place your order you customize your plane to a six day plan.

3. How many meals does a 'Monthly' package consist ?

A Monthly package consists of 24 meals.

4. If I select a 6 day plan in a Monthly package, it runs into the next month. How does InBoxIAte go about it ?

Our Monthly package consists of 24 meals and we will not rest until you have been fed 24 times even if it runs into the next month.

5.What is the maximum number of non-vegetarian meals that I can have with an alternative meal plan ?

You cannot order for more than 3 non-vegetarian meals in a week.

6. How do I heat my food ?

Our boxes are micro proof. So once you receive your tiffin, you can reheat every component of the meal in a microwave.

7. At what time do I receive my lunch ?

Lunches are dispensed out of the kitchen by 10am and you will receive it maximum by 13.00 pm.

8. If I have to make a change on the my designed schedule of my alternative plan, how should I do it ?

A change will be accepted only a week prior to the date of change.

9. If I have gone on a holiday in between my plan days would my meal plan adjusted ?

The company will adjust your meals once your meal plan gets over, but delivery charges will be applicable accordingly.

10. What if someone is joining me for lunch and I need an extra tiffin. Would it be possible ?

Yes If InBoxIAte is informed about your requirement a day in advance before 4 pm.

11. If there is a change in my lunch destination for a day or two , would you change the place of delivery ?

Yes, that would be possible if we are informed 2 days in prior.

12. What are your cancellation policies ?

Cancellations would apply for the monthly plan and onwards.
If the company is informed before you finish 12 meals, half the package cost would be refunded minus the delivery charges. If the company is informed before you finish 6 meals you will be paying only for a weekly package.

13. How do I give a feedbacks about the food I eat ?

Feedback good, bad and ugly would be appreciated. You can write to us on our email id or call us on the phone numbers provided on our website.

14. Who would deliver my food ?

The delivery of InBoxIAte's dabbas are done by the most reliable sources the 'MUMBAI DABBAWALLAS'.

15. Do you accept cash or cheques ?

It is made very easy for the client to pay for his packages on the website, but in case of bulk meals or working lunches for corporate meeting exceptions will be made.