Who's Behind the menu ?

Tanmay Tandel graduated out of the Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 6 years ago when he started his journey to reach InBoxIAte. Tanmay started working at Taj, where they continued for 6 years at Taj’s fine dining restaurants. He worked tirelessly for 16 hours a day, perfecting their skills knowing that they had to and wanted to create a brand name that would represent the best kind of food. This dream is now a reality called "InBoxIAte".

in box i ate

Tanmay Tandel

Creating exciting new recipes that people love is our passion.

This venture is both our brain child and our dream come true. Our passion for food is only matched by our passion for a satisfied customer.


At InBoxIAte, we believe that pampering one’s pallet with good food made with fresh ingredients, simple flavours and exciting combinations is the best therapy for detox.

In today’s world, where stress and fatigue prevails over every soul, it is of utmost importance for people to take a break from their hectic schedule and unwind over a good meal to get their bearings back on track.

So here we are to make that lunch break you spare for yourself, in a long working day… “A GOURMET EXPERIENCE”.

People generally complain about the monotonous nature of food being served in tiffins or canteens. As a simple solution to this problem we don’t just offer varied Indian food but also serve a lot of international cuisines.

The monthly menu cycle would be a non-repetitive mix of Indian and International cuisines. The daily lunch meals would be segregated into courses to make things more interestingly elaborate for the guests. The menus have individually been planned taking under consideration the nutritional values of ingredients and so the menu cycle is planned considering the nutritional intake.

To enjoy a good meal, it is essential for food to be at the right temperature. We serve our food in containers that are microwave proof and disposable. This would add on to the convenience of reheating the food and helps in maintaining the hygiene standards.

Sanitization and disinfection are therefore, no issues when it comes to these food containers. The material used to make these boxes is paper-based so it is of no harm to Mother Nature.